About Us


The Ottawa Cameroon Njangui Group (OCNG) is a vibrant community of people who traces their roots to the Southwest and Northwest regions of Cameroon. The group was established in 2006 to provide a forum where Cameroonians in the National Capital Region of Canada can become acquainted with, and to support, one another. We consider each member of OCNG as family and we work hard at creating a community where each member is valued and feel they belong.  

Our Vision

Build a community where Cameroonians in the National Capital Region can get mentorship, resources, and support to facilitate their integration to the Canadian society.


Ensure the voice of our community is a significant part of the dialogue in our city.

Harness the breath of our expertise and the trust amongst members as a force multiplier for economic advancement of our community.

Ensure the next generation feel they belong and are empowered to take full ownership of this community.


Leadership Team


Mrs. Gladys Vusi



Mrs. Jennifer Akwenseh

Assistant Coordinator


Mr. Kenneth Sa Fon



Mr. Fidelis Nzengung

Financial Secretary

Olivia Takoukam.jpeg

Mrs. Olivia Meyla-Takoukam



Mrs. Cynthia YY

Social Secretary


Miss Oddete Nehza

Social Secretary


Mr. Edwin Nkengla

Chief Whip


Contact Us

Margaret Rywak Community Center, 68 Knoxdale road,
Ottawa, Ontario, K2G 0W2


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